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The House in the Tree, Hayden near Cheltenham is some 500 years old and the interior still original.

Legend tells how a beautiful girl names Maud Bowen, living nearby was abducted by her uncle and followed by Walter the Archer who killed the uncle.

Unfortunately, while attempting to return home, Maud fell into a stream and was drowned.

Court ruled that she had committed suicide, so her body was buried at the nearest cross-roads with an elm stake driven through it.

Meanwhile Walker fled to Hayden, taking up residence at The House in the Tree. Maud’s mother spent much time at the grave, where in due course, the stake grew into a beautiful elm tree.

As a result, she was accused of witchcraft, taken to Maud’s Elm and burned. As the Lord of the Manor, the villain of the piece watched, he too fell victim to Walter’s deadly marksmanship.

Maud’s Elm remained a district landmark for many years afterwards.